Elias church Suzdal Russia
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Is Suzdal worth visiting?

It is often said that Russia is like a never ending fairytale. With its charming landscapes and undeniably vivid cultural heritage, every village and town has something to offer to the curious traveller struck by wanderlust. For someone who is interested in getting a glimpse of Russia during the middle ages, the Golden Ring, as… Continue reading Is Suzdal worth visiting?

Angkor Wat-Terrace-Siem reap
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Is Siem Reap too touristy?

Fresh out of the airport, the first impression of Siem Reap – the  jewel of South East Asia – isn’t far from how one would picture a place rich with ancient history. The nondescript road, leading to the city centre about 8 km away, gives the traveller a view of open fields and neat little… Continue reading Is Siem Reap too touristy?

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Day trip to Hiroshima: Road to peace through a gruesome lesson

It is never easy to forget the macabre chapters of history, especially those related to the World Wars. Nothing shook the world more than the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the fateful morning of August 6, 1945, and the horrors of the ensuing nuclear holocaust that ended World War II. The road to… Continue reading Day trip to Hiroshima: Road to peace through a gruesome lesson

Luxury cruising

Cruising the high seas – just a pipeline dream?

When we look at a picture of a multi-storey luxury floating resort (a.k.a cruise ship), we conjure up a vision of the elite class in cocktail attire clinking champagne glasses and sailing off into the sunset, literally! And, that brings us to the conclusion that a backpacker can never afford to go cruising the high… Continue reading Cruising the high seas – just a pipeline dream?

Russian Ballet
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Russian culture trail

Ever wondered where Russia inherits its unique culture from? Explore its towns and cities and you will notice how various ethnicities play a strong role in shaping this culture. It comes as no surprise that the local music too is imbued with the warm spirit of this diverse culture. Russian music packs quite a punch,… Continue reading Russian culture trail