Elias church Suzdal Russia
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Is Suzdal worth visiting?

It is often said that Russia is like a never ending fairytale. With its charming landscapes and undeniably vivid cultural heritage, every village and town has something to offer to the curious traveller struck by wanderlust. For someone who is interested in getting a glimpse of Russia during the middle ages, the Golden Ring, as… Continue reading Is Suzdal worth visiting?

Neil island Andaman
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Must-see places in South Andaman

For a traveler used to more organised travel destinations, Andaman and Nicobar islands in the Indian Ocean might seem laid-back and underdeveloped at first. There is also a lack of reliable source of up-to-date information to navigate around this archipelago that is actually a part of India. This makes one's visit all the more charming,… Continue reading Must-see places in South Andaman

Angkor Wat-Terrace-Siem reap
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Is Siem Reap too touristy?

Fresh out of the airport, the first impression of Siem Reap – the  jewel of South East Asia – isn’t far from how one would picture a place rich with ancient history. The nondescript road, leading to the city centre about 8 km away, gives the traveller a view of open fields and neat little… Continue reading Is Siem Reap too touristy?

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Footloose in the land of cherry blossoms – Part 3

Japan's four distinct seasons unfold different vistas of the country for travellers. While spring and autumn will stun you with breathtaking, colourful landscapes, summer will give you a chance to enjoy culture trips and join various seasonal activities hosted during vacation time. Winter gives you the opportunity to participate in traditional festivals, relax in an… Continue reading Footloose in the land of cherry blossoms – Part 3

Torii gate-Miyajima island
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Footloose in the land of cherry blossoms – Part 2

Japan can be both touristy and tranquil during the peak season of spring and summer depending on how you plan your itinerary. After spending three days in the country, narrated in my previous blog (Part 1), we enjoyed moments of serenity inside Zen temples like Ryoan-ji in Kyoto as well as in certain secluded spots… Continue reading Footloose in the land of cherry blossoms – Part 2