About me

There are no taxes on dreams and bucket lists. You can have as many as you want. Hi, I am Malabika the wanderlust and what I can do for you is help realize every single one of them. On one condition – Your bucket list should be a compilation of your travel wish list.

The travel bug bites early and once bitten, there is no escaping the yearning to hoist your flag in every inch of this beautiful earth.  The daily humdrum of a normal life simply loses its appeal, but not everyone gets to realize those rosy dreams of crossing the seven seas and reaching the lands beyond. As a child, the most treasured possession of mine was a ‘viewmaster’ gifted by my dad whose profession in the Merchant Navy took him to ports around the world. This simple toy was my window to the world. While watching clips of exotic places, I was determined to leave my footprint in as many of them. It feels amazing to live the dream. Although its been a late start, it is a most promising one! Its never too late to make one’s dreams come true if we believe in them.

While time and money can pose the biggest hurdles, finding a reliable source of useful and practical information can be a challenge too. With this blog spot, I wish to bridge that gap once and for all with well-researched, tried and tested itineraries and practical tips to backpack safely around the world. As an experienced traveler, I will try to take you through the most remarkable adventures of your life on a shoestring budget. Motive behind your travel interest can be many, ranging from fun trips, getaways and celebrations to honeymoon and family holidays, but nothing can give you more joy than taking things in your own hands.  You got it right! I am here to help you plan your travel anywhere in the world, on your own terms. Join me to unlock doors to the world of Alice, Bilbo Baggins, Huckleberry Finn, Passepartout, Captain Ahab, Jack Sparrow and Tintin. The goal is to bring to you glimpses of amazing places few travelers are known to have ventured. So, dive in right away, there is no time to lose!