Neil island Andaman
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Must-see places in South Andaman

For a traveler used to more organised travel destinations, Andaman and Nicobar islands in the Indian Ocean might seem laid-back and underdeveloped at first. There is also a lack of reliable source of up-to-date information to navigate around this archipelago that is actually a part of India. This makes one's visit all the more charming,… Continue reading Must-see places in South Andaman

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How to use coin lockers in Japan

Japan gives you the opportunity to travel light while exploring the beautiful country. All minor and major JR stations, subway stations as well as some major bus stations throughout Japan have coin lockers that can store luggage - from handbags and day rucksacks to large backpacks and suitcases - for a max. of 3-4 calendar… Continue reading How to use coin lockers in Japan

Cherry blossoms in Japan
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Footloose in the land of cherry blossoms – Part 1

The ethereal beauty of a cherry tree in full blossom tugs at the heart of even the most cynical ones among us. Despite the heavy tourist footfall during the cherry blossom, or Sakura, season, this is a must-see if Japan is on your bucket list. And no, the trip wouldn't cost you an arm and… Continue reading Footloose in the land of cherry blossoms – Part 1

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For the Perfect Dose of Vitamin D in Winter

No one would agree more than a traveler how important it is to take care of one's health while setting off for uncharted territories. Who can blame the body when it ceases to take orders from the mind if it is not given the care and attention that it needs? I realized it was time to… Continue reading For the Perfect Dose of Vitamin D in Winter