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How touristy is the historic city of Toledo in Spain?

On a crisp winter morning of Christmas eve, I landed in the majestic city of Toledo by bus from Madrid. The bus journey was pleasant and took almost an hour, passing through miles and miles of farmlands. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in the 1980s, it was the captivating history of Toledo that first… Continue reading How touristy is the historic city of Toledo in Spain?

Russian Ballet
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Russian culture trail

Ever wondered where Russia inherits its unique culture from? Explore its towns and cities and you will notice how various ethnicities play a strong role in shaping this culture. It comes as no surprise that the local music too is imbued with the warm spirit of this diverse culture. Russian music packs quite a punch,… Continue reading Russian culture trail

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Where epics meet modern civilization

"Cultures have long heard wisdom in non-human voices: Apollo, god of music, medicine and knowledge, came to Delphi in the form of a dolphin. But dolphins, which fill the oceans with blipping and chirping, and whales, which mew and caw in ultramarine jazz - a true rhapsody in blue - are hunted to the edge… Continue reading Where epics meet modern civilization