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Friendliest International Destinations for the Indian Backpacker

While the nifty Indian backpacker is all set to conquer the world, it is not a bad idea for the wannabes and the first timers to take stock of international destinations that are easier to explore. Once you get the hang of backpacking, well, who knows where you pitch your tent next! For the benefit of… Continue reading Friendliest International Destinations for the Indian Backpacker

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Lord Rama’s Lanka trail

Ramayana, an epic sacred to the Hindus, refers to many places and sites that can be traced down in present day Sri Lanka. Even though the authenticity of this great epic is debated by historians, it is quite interesting to follow the Ramayana trail that traverses various parts of this island country. The trail throws glimpses of the abduction… Continue reading Lord Rama’s Lanka trail

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Share your travel exploits

This beautiful earth has too many experiences to offer for a small group of travel buffs to handle in a lifetime. There are so many roads to tread on, so many tales to share! This is a call to you, our "partners in travel", to join us in igniting the hearts of armchair travel enthusiasts to lock up their inhibitions for good and start… Continue reading Share your travel exploits

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A Backpacker’s Route map for Morocco

It is absolutely impossible not to fall in love with Morocco when you get up, close and personal in this stunningly diverse country. As you stand in the middle of the Sahara, marvelling at miles and miles of sand dunes, you can't help imagining yourself surrounded by gentle waves rising above a mysterious golden sea. To experience… Continue reading A Backpacker’s Route map for Morocco