Luxury cruising

Cruising the high seas – just a pipeline dream?

When we look at a picture of a multi-storey luxury floating resort (a.k.a cruise ship), we conjure up a vision of the elite class in cocktail attire clinking champagne glasses and sailing off into the sunset, literally! And, that brings us to the conclusion that a backpacker can never afford to go cruising the high seas. Not true.

Even a backpacker’s ‘once in a lifetime dream’ of luxury cruising can come true, if planned in advance (45-60 days before sailing date) and booked with the right cruise operator. When backpacking in South East Asia or other coastal destinations that fall in the path of the starting points of luxury cruise ships, check out their websites in advance for sailing dates that coincide with your travel dates and voila, you are all set for a couple of days of pure bliss!

Say goodbye to pipeline dreams and live life to the fullest.

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